Fitness Changed His Life

The Kirk Sandoval Story

I will never forget one night at the Fullerton Jack La Lanne's gym. The gym was in the basement of a mall and my desk was at the bottom of the steps. I could always hear the front door open but because of the low ceiling I wasn't able see who was coming down till they were about half way down the stairs. It was late into the night when I heard the front door opened and I looked up to see who was coming down the stairs.

Normally I would see whoever it was in just a few seconds but at least 45 seconds went by and still there wasn't anybody coming down the stairs. Finally I saw a mans foot then another coming down very slowly. After about 2 minutes he was at the bottom of the stairs.

He walked over to me looking down at the floor the whole time. " My name is Kirk Sandoval" the man said very slowly and never looking up. " I would like to join your club " he mumbled. Well what happen was kirk went out for a short walk and couldn't make it back . He had to be picked up by an ambulance and taken back home. His doctor told him that if he didn't start to do some type of exercise he would die soon.

I got him signed up and introducted him to my top instructor. Kirk made it in at least 3 times a week and started to lose weight within two or three weeks. First it was just a few pounds but then it seemed to be melting off him. Before you knew it Kirk was almost flying down the stairs. He wasn't looking down anymore while he was talking, his whole personally had changed. He even met a nice girl and got married.

Well I got transfered to another club and Jack's is not there anymore, but I am sure that Kirk is still doing some type of a exercise program. I often think of Kirk he was a real inspiration.

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