12 Pc. Free Motion Epic Circuit

Coming in Soon
Free Motion Epic Circuit

Update your club with new Free Motion Epic Selectorized Equipment. You will be saving over 45% on this circuit. Free Motion has build a great reputation with their selectorized cable machines and now the Epic series.

The equipment is in Riverside County Ca. and is due to arrive the end of october.

Just about all your major gyms offer Free Motion now you can save almost 50% on this Epic line of fitness equipment for your gym. The regular price is about $3,600 per piece.

Here is a list and pictures of the 12 pieces:

1. Bicep Curl, 2. Tricep Ext., 3. Chest Press, 4. Shoulder Press, 5. Pec Fly / Rear Delt Combo, 6. Seated Row, 7. Lat Pulldown, 8. Abductor / Adductor Combo, 9. Prone Leg Curl, 10. Leg Ext., 11. Back Ext., 12. Ab Crunch

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