SuperMat 30GS Medium Treadmill Mat

SuperMat 30GS Treadmill Mat

The 30GS treadmill mat is perfect for smaller size treadmills or other types of equipment like ski machines, recumbent bikes, steppers, versa climbers, and all other types of medium sized equipment.

Why do I Need a Treadmill Mat ?

If you place your treadmill on a high fiber carpet a mat will prevent the fibers from getting sucked up into the motor and circuit board of your treadmill.

If you need to reduce the noise level a treadmill mat will muffle the sound.

As you use your treadmill the running belt will start to wear dropping bits of rubber into your carpet. This will cause a major stain in your carpet that is hard to remove.

If you happen to sweat during your run you may have a puddle of water on the floor next to your treadmill, which may cause you to slip or fall as you step off.

A treadmill mat gives your treadmill a better presents. If you have your piece of equipment in the main room of your home you should have a mat under it

SuperMat 30GS Treadmill Mat:
  • 8.5Lbs.
  • 30" x 72"
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves your carpet
  • Keeps fiber out of motor and circuit board
  • Free Freight !!!!!!!!

SuperMat 30 GS - $49.50


Free Freight !!!!!


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