Do you have a Workout from Hell ?????

If you have been working out for less than a year, and you think that you have A Workout From Hell, what are you doing ? 99 people out of 100 drop out of their fitness program because they are doing to much. Jack La Lanne once told me , " I would rather see a person do to little exercise for the rest of their life, rather than do to much for 6 months and then drop out forever. "

When I first started working at Jack La Lanne's Gym, we were not allowed to lift any weights over 50 Lbs. by ourselves. Throughout the day I would demonstrate exercises to members using no more than 50 Lbs and only doing 3 to 4 reps. I am not going to tell you I got in the best shape in my life, but I did notice more muscle tone and loss of body fat.

If you think that you have A Workout from Hell and you have been working out less then 1 year, I would suggest cutting your workout in half. Yes Half, I know I have been through it and have seen it happen many times. Yes you are going to get buffed faster but 2 years down the road you won't be because you dropped out.

Now I know that everyone is different and some people progress faster than others, but unless you are a dedicated professional bodybuilder you do not need a Workout from Hell

Last Note : Workout Smarter not Harder. I watch people using so much weight on the machines that they cannot preform the exercise properly. I watch a guy walking on the treadmill every morning at my gym at full incline and holding on to the display board to hold himself from falling off. I know he is thinking more is better. Unlike other things in life, in an exercise program most times less is better especially if you are trying to burn body fat.

Good Luck,

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