BodyCraft Light commercial Jones Machine

BodyCraft Jones Machine - Light Commercial

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Is Your Smith Machine Keeping Up with the Jones ???

The Bodycraft Jones Machine is not a smith machine or a power cage. It is both plus more.

Perform any free weight exercise with the safety of a smith machine but with the natural movement of a free weight bar.

Simply twist the bar to rack the weights when done

A smith machine will give you vertical movement, but the BodyCraft Jones Machine gives you both vertical and horizontal movement as well. The curved movement versus straight up and and down is a more natural movement as in free weights.

Now you can dare to do those extra few reps when you are working out without a spotter. For even more safety the Jones machine come with safety Spotters for a little extra measure.

It can also become a Smith Machine

For Squats you can lock down the angle front, middle, or rear by engaging the spring pins at the bottom.

Light Commercial

The Jones machine is great for a beginner to a light commercial Gym. Schools, Police / Fire Depts., Personal training studios are great places for a Jones Machine.

Build a Complete Gym

Add on the Optional Hi- Low Pulley / Lat Attachment and the Cable Crossover / Functional Trainer and you have a complete gym.

  1. Hi / Low / Lat Pull down - Comes with a 200 Lb. weight stack. Works : Back, Shoulders, Arms, Hips
  2. Cable Crossover / Functional Trainer - Comes with 2 200Lb. weight stacks. Works: Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs

Jones Machine Fully Loaded

Jones machine Loaded

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Free Gift with the purchase of the Optional Cable Crossover

6 Piece Set

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