Pyramid Work Outs

A great way to increase your work out is a technique called a Pyramid Work Out. I do not recommend this technique for at least 3 months from beginning your new program. Normally this is a free weight program, but any type of equipment will work.

This is how it works : Instead of doing your regular 3 sets of 10 to 15 Reps with a constant weight, you are going to vary your Sets, Reps, and Weight.

  1. Sets -- Instead of the normal 3 sets you are going to do 6 sets .
  2. Reps -- The number of Reps will lower with each set
  3. Weight -- The amount of weight will increase with each set

There are over 1000 different variations of this program so you will need to design a program that suites you, but here is an example of a basic Pyramid Work out.

  • Set 1 ( Warm Up ) -- 12 Reps with 50 Lbs
  • Set 2 -- 8 Reps with 60 Lbs
  • Set 3 -- 6 Reps with 70 Lbs
  • Set 4 -- 4 Reps with 80 Lbs
  • Set 5 -- 3 Reps with 85 Lbs
  • Set 6 -- 2 Reps with 90 Lbs

This is a basic example only you will need to adjust the amount of weight used according to your abilities.

There are a few benefits to a Pyramid work out

  1. With this program you are doing more Sets and Reps so you are burning up more calories and burning more body fat.
  2. It is more of a cardio program, so your energy level will increase. ( Try not to rest to long between sets. )
  3. The last 3 sets are preparing your body to increase the amount of weight that you are using.

This program takes a lot longer to go through, so plan extra time. Also as I wrote in the " Do you have a work out from Hell " article, Do not design a program from Hell. Remember you are a beginner so design a program that is very comfortable for you to do. Jack La Lanne once told me that he would rather see a person do to little for the rest of their life instead of doing to much for 6 months.

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