SuperMat Longer 12GS Treadmill Mat

  • Supermat 12GS Home Treadmill Mat

    The SuperMat 12GS home treadmill mat works great for those extra long pieces of equipment. Its 3' x 7.5' size will easiy fit longer treadmills, ellipticals, and most rowers.

    A treadmill mat can save your carpet from dirt and rubber that drops from your machine and also, will save your treadmill from your carpet. As you use your treadmill, small bits of carpet fiber can get sucked up into your motor and electric components. This can cause damage to your unit. A treadmill mat can protect your investment.

    If there are other people around you watching T.V. or sleeping, a treadmill mat can help to muffle the sound.

    People that use their treadmill or elliptical in a main room of their house like to use a mat just for the appearance. A mat is a great way to show off your machine.

    Supermat 12GS - Home
  • 13.5 Lbs.
  • 3' x 7.5"
  • Will fit longer treadmills, ellipticals, and most rowers
  • Helps save carpet from rubber and dust
  • Protects motor and electronics from carpet fibers
    Less noise
  • Free Freight !!!!!!

SuperMat 12 GS - $69.00

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