BodyCraft X2 Family Express Multi Gym

BodyCraft X2 Family Xpress Multi Gym


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The Bodycraft X2 Family Express gets a 5 out 5 points. The best Home Multi Gym - Consumer Guide

Get the whole family exercising with the Family Xpress X2. 2 weight stacks allow multiple users to work out at the same time. Each weight stack is 200 Lbs providing enough weight for a beginner or advanced user to work out. The stacks glide smoothly on the factory installed EZ glide nylon bushings and chrome plated guide rods.

The built in cable functional trainer allows you to preform over 50 dumbbell style exercises using the adjustable cable arms. The cable exercises give you a second exercise for each muscle group you do. You also are working your small stabilizer muscles that you are not capable of working with a selectorized press bar.

BodyCraft Cable System

Dumbbell style cable system in like have a complete set of dumbbells in your gym

Family Express X2 Stations:

  • Chest Press - The adjustable seat and press arm lets you do Flat, Incline, and Declines presses. The back seat pad also adjusts for maximum support.
  • Ab Crunch - shape and tone your abs by using the ab crunch straps. The straps are also great for tricep extensions
  • Low Pulley - Use the built in footplate for low rows. Also upright rows, bicepts, hips, lateral rises, and more.
  • High Pulley - lat Pull downs and triceps
  • Leg Extension - Works Quadriceps
  • Standing Leg Curl - Works Ham Strings
  • Seated Leg Press - Works the full legs. Builds extra strength for sports like football, basketball, running, soccer, and swimming. The 2:1 weight stack ratio on the leg press provides you with up to 400 Lbs. of resistance.
  • Options: Add the optional multi hip and VKR stations to have The Ultimate Home Multi Gym.

Extra Features Normally Optional:

  • Weight Stack shrouds to hide weight stacks and keep little fingers and paws out.
  • Mounted Exercise Charts - Shows pictures and description of over 40 different exercises that you can do on the Family Xpress X2.
  • Seats and Seat Backs - They are fully adjustable to fit everyone in your family. The seat back adjust for maximum support while doing the incline and shoulder exercises.
  • Heavy Gauge Vinyl - The durability all the seat covers are double stitched and embroidered with the BodyCraft logo. For comfort the seats are made with long lasting high density foam.


  • Light Commercial / Home
  • Frame - 2" x 2" and 2" x 3' Heavy duty 11 and 12 gauge steel.
  • Finish - Silver Vein Powder Coated Paint
  • Cables: 2000 Tensile strength, internally lubricated
  • Accessories - Lat Pull down bar, 2 x Single handles, 4 x exercise charts


  • Home - Lifetime
  • Commercial - Lifetime on frame and welds, 2 years on all remaining parts

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BodyCraft X2 Family Xpress Multi

Optional Hip Station and VKR

Family Xpress X2 Family

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Free Tricep Rope

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