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Negative Resistance that Is .....

In our everyday lives there is a lot of push and pulling going on, but when it comes to moving a heavy object there is more push than pull. If we need to move a dresser or refrigerator for example we push rather then pull because it is easier.

While working out with weights the principle is the same. We are using both positive and negative resistance. We all get the benefit of the positive resistance as we lift the weight stack to build muscle, but I see most lifters let gravity do the work for them on the way down. The muscles that we use for negative resistance is not being used at all. A lot of the pain we feel comes from these muscles because they haven't been toughened up like our positive muscles.

How do you work these Muscles ?

In a future article I am going to explain the different types of work out equipment and their benefits. In this case there is a fitness company call Pace Fitness ( Shown In Picture ). Pace equipment provides resistance by means of a hydraulic cylinder much like a shock absorber in your car.

The reason for using a shock absorber is that there is resistance applied in both the positive and negative direction of the exercise. Gravity can not help you out. The benefit is that you are working the muscles that are rarely used in everyday life as I explained earlier. A lot of injuries and soreness can be prevented by working these muscles.

I used Pace Fitness because it is very popular right now in the Curves Fitness Centers and they have been getting great results with their members.

What if My Gym Does Not have this type of Equipment ????

Truth is that most gym just offer your standard equipment weather it be selectorized or free weights so you have to work a negative part of your work out on your own.

This is how you do it:

It is the One - Two , One - Two - Three - Four method. When preforming the exercise count One - Two on the way up ( Positive ) and One - Two - Three - Four on the way down ( Negative ) . Now you are controlling the weight both ways and you are not letting gravity do half the work for you. You may have to lower the amount of weight you are lifting to do it properly, but you will be increasing the benefit.

Good Luck

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