Used Hoist H 210 Multi Gym For Sale


Used Hoist H 210 Multi Gym For Sale

The Hoist H 210 Light Commercial Multi Gym was designed for the user that likes the arc shaped movement that the get when using a free weight bar.
The H 210 's Range of Motion design allows you to pre stretch your muscle group when using the bench press or mid seat row.


  • 3 x Chess and Stomach
  • 4 x Back and Arms
  • 5 x Legs and Shoulders
  • Also Optional Leg Press Included

Vertical bench
Incline press
Pec crossover
Shoulder Press
Shoulder Shrugs
Upright Row
Rear Delt Cross
Lateral Raise

Leg Extension
Standing Leg Curl
Inner/Outer Thigh
Calf Raise
Glute Kick
Lat Pull
Bent Over Row
Back Hyper Ext.
Preacher Curl
One Arm Curls
Tricep Pushdown
Seated Tricep Ext.
Ab Crunch
Side Bends

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