BodyCraft Galena Pro

BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Multi Gym


The BodyCraft Galena Pro multi gym is also called a space saver gym, because the " L" shape design fits neatly into the corner of a room.

Whatever your training goal the Galena Pro is the logical choice - Consumer guide

Leg Press and Weight Shrouds Optional

BodyCraft Galena Pro Stations & Features:

  • Bench Press - The adjustable starting position allows any size user to work out in the proper position. The press arm can also be adjusted to do Incline Press, Shoulders, and Mid Row. the seat pads are also adjustable.
  • Pec Deck - You have your choice of placing your elbows on the pads or grabbing the handles with your hands to get a little more range of motion.
  • Lat Pulldown - Works upper back or add a tricep bar or rope for triceps.
  • Low Pulley Station - Low rows for back, Bicep curls, Inner and Outer Hips, Glutes, Lateral Raises, Shrugs, and more
  • Leg Ext. / Curl - Seat and back are fully adjustable for proper position.
  • Leg Press ( Optional ) - Adjustable footplate. Provides 300 Lbs for resistance. Works calf's also.
  • Shrouds ( Optional ) - Besides making your gym look its best, it keeps little fingers and paws safe


  • Frame - 2" x 2" & 2" x 3" Steel Tubing
  • Cable - 2000 lb Tensile Airplane Strength
  • Pulleys - Nylon with sealed bearings
  • Warranty - Life Time Original Owner Only

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Free Tricep Rope $29.00 Value

Free Tricep Rope

Free Freight

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