How to Burn More Calories a Day Watching TV

Burn an extra 200 Calories a day ...

Sound to good to be true ? Well its not. The fact is for every extra pound of muscle you put on your body you will burn 50 extra calories per day. Besides strengthening your body this is one of the benefits of strength training over a cardio work out.

In a 45 minute work out on an treadmill, exercise bike, stepper, or elliptical trainer you can burn 300 to 400 calories easily. The thing is once you are finished with your work out you go back to burning calories at your normal rate.

In strength training you are tearing and building muscle with each workout making your body more dense so it requires more fuel to maintain your body weight. In strength training once you are finished with your work out you are still burning more calories after you are done training.

Am I saying to forget cardio training and just do strength training ? Not at all. To Understand the importance of both Please Read " Are you a Big Loser "

Have a Good Work Out

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