Yukon Raptor Home Multi Gym

Yukon Raptor Multi Gym

The Yukon Raptor Home Multi Gym is everything that you would want or need in a home gym.

With 3 workout stations the Raptor lets you preform all the same exercises that can be done in a gym.

  • Station 1 -- Chest Press, Lat Pull down / Tricep, Leg extension, Leg Curl, and Ab Crunch
  • Station 2 -- Pec Deck / Rear Delt
  • Station 3 -- Adjustable Hi / Low Pulley - Perform over 100 variations of exercises. Including bicep curls, tricep extensions, Inner and outer hips, glutes, rows, front and side delt raises, shrugs, and lots more.

The Yukon Raptor is built to perform and last a long time.

  • 12 Gauge Steel
  • Nylon coated 2000 Lb. aircraft cable
  • Nylatron pulleys with sealed bearings
  • Electo Static Power Coated Paint to resist chips and scratches
  • Pads are ergonomically designed to provide maximum support and constructed with premium moisture resistant marine grade vinyl.
  • All the pivot points are equipped with metal oilite bushings for fluid motion.
  • Each station is designed for the best Bio - Mechanics and full range of motion


  • Ergonomic pad design
  • 200 pound stack with keeper for pin
  • Sealed bearing with grease nipple for squat station
  • Leg hold down for lat machine
  • Low row pulley swivels for ease use
  • Fully adjustable seat for bench press/pec station
    Rear delt station
  • Press handles swivel for wide range of motion
  • Heavy duty industrial sealed ball bearings
  • Weight (including 200 pound stack): 560 pounds
    Includes long lat bar, short straight bar, single cable handle, and ab crunch harness
  • Dimension: 84" H X 67" W X 80"D Weight: Weight (including 200 pound stack):
  • Lifetime Frame Warranty

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