Work-Out Partners Good or Bad Idea ?

Having a workout partner can be a good thing but it could also be a bad thing if you are not careful. Here is why:

Keeping in mind that this site is for beginners, a lot of beginners like to have a friend along with them to start a program or to join a gym. This is a good thing. The problems start when one of the partners can't make it that day or wants to quit all together. 98% of the time the partner will not go in that day either, or if your partner quits he or she will too.

What made me decide to write this review is I have 2 ladies in my gym that I see come in about 1 or 2 times a week. I think that they are sisters because they look so much alike. I have not ever seen one of them there without the other. Which means that there is a phone call at some point where one of them ask the other " Are you going to the gym today." If there is a yes they both are there, if it is no neither are there. This is not good.

Having a partner can turn your work-out into a social event not a work-out. It is very easy to get engrossed in a good story that one of the partners have to tell about some event in there lives. Before you know it you spent most of your hour talking and not working out. I am planning on writing a review soon on the importance of concentration and proper attitude during a work out. I will put a link here to it when I do.

If you do decide to get a work-out partner, be sure that you are properly matched. If you partner up with a person that can only do half as much as you, that is not very motivating for you. If you are working out with free weights with this person, you will be wasting a lot of time taking plates on and off. Speaking of time never work-out with more then 3 people. The time between sets would take to long. I worked out with 5 guys once and it took 3 hours to go through my program.

Well after all that said, having a work-out partner can be a good thing. If you can fine someone that is properly matched not only in strength but motivationally as well, I would say go for it. Having a partner can really help your program by having that person encourage you as you are doing your set. Also having a spotter to help you to do 2 or 3 extra reps. each set is very important to help to gain strength and increase your workout.

For myself, over the years I have had workout partners and I don't think that I will ever again. It is nice to have someone there for a spot and motivation, but is seems like it takes 4 times as long to complete my workout. When I go on my own I get there when I want to, Work the body parts that I want to, and when I need a spotter I just ask someone for help. If you go to a smaller gym and go about the same time each time, you will quickly get to know the regular crowd so you won't feel like you are alone.

Well that's all I have to say about work-out partners. If you can find the right person they are great.

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