Tuff Stuff Inner / Outer Thigh Combo PD 807 (Performance Series)

Tuff Stuff Dual Inner / Outer Thigh Combo PD - 807( Performance Series )

Excellent Condition

Just in , a Tuff Stuff PD - 807 Inner Outer Dual Combo Machine. This is a must have piece for any club. Perfect for small gyms.

Conveniently located level adjustment for the range of motion and start positions for both exercises.

. Frontal exercise positioning provides privacy
. Swivel knee pads maintain constant support
throughout the range of motion, and minimize
torque on the knees.
. Dual footpegs design to accommodate
different leg lengths.
. 150 lbs. steel weight stack.

Length: 63 in/160 cm
Width: 67 in/170 cm
Height: 55 in/140 cm
Shipping Weight: 500 lb/227 kg

We also have a Tuff Stuff Seated Row - Excellent Condition

We are selling this piece on Consignment.

If interested call Coast Fitness Sales at ( 951 ) 736 - 7406

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