Warning !!! Beware of Fitness Equipment Review Sites

I get over 20 calls a day from people wanting to purchase certain brands of fitness equipment because it was reviewed so highly on a fitness equipment review site that they read on line. I sell over 40 brands of equipment so normally I can get the brand and model that they are looking for so when I tell a customer this is not the best model it is not because I cannot get it. Trust me the manufacturers are paying a lot of money to have their equipment reviewed and to get a good rating. I am not saying that their equipment is no good but I am saying to use your own judgement as well.

As an example: I have two brands of cardio equipment that are made by the same manufacturer and are exactly the same Treadmill or Elliptical except for the decal. One brand is priced a little lower then the other because they are also the manufacturer. The other higher priced brand is our best seller because it was reviewed by a certain Dr's. Review site as being better.

So How do you know the truth ?

Do some research on your own. Use google and enter keywords like Home Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Multi Gyms or whatever you are looking for. Compare the specs. for things like H.P., Programs, Heart Rate, Fans, Warranties, Etc. . You will learn very quickly. You can even call the vendor and get information. Try to purchase from a dealer that offers a few different brands not just one or two, not only because you have more to choose from but manufacturer's will not sell to dealers that are dishonest and misrepresent their equipment. I know of a dealer in L.A. that is so bad that there are only 2 vendors that will sell to them .

Last Note:

Remember what I have said before, " You get what you pay for ". So don't go out and purchase the cheapest you can find. If you only have a $599 budget, you can either purchase a bottom of the line treadmill or a really nice exercise bike.

Good Luck,

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