BodyCraft Full Commercial Jones Machine

Full Commercial Jones Machine BodyCraft

The Bodycraft Full Commercial Jone Machine - Gives you a natural free weight movement with the safety of a smith machine

The revolutionary vertical and horizontal movement of the Jones Machine, allows you to perform any free weight exercise with the same natural movement of a free weight bar. With a smith machine you just have vertical movement.

The Jones Machine is perfect for working out without a Spotter

You can dare to push yourself to do those extra 2 or 3 Reps or add a little more weight, just set the safety spotters and there is no problem if you don't have a spotter to catch the weight for you.

For some exercises like squats you may prefer a smith machine. No Problem, just engage the locking spring in the forward, middle, or rear position and you have a smith machine.

The heavy duty 3" x 3" 10 gauge steel frame with a 7" 1000 Lb. capacity will hold up in even the toughest full commercial gyms.

You won't find any bushings on the Jones Machine . The industrial grade Linear Bearings make the movement incredibly smooth.

Set up couldn't be easier, simply place the bar to your desired height, put on you your plates and lift.

The BodyCraft Full Commercial Jones Machine comes standard with the 7" 45 Lb -1000 Lb. capacity bar.

A 6' 25 Lb. Aluminum 400 Lb. is also available at no extra charge. Change the option box if this is the bar you prefer

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