Very Happy Life Fitness Bike customer

Hey Tony,

Got my straps. Thanks so much for everything. I've copied my review of my experience with Fitness 909 below. Please feel free to post to your website etc...

Thanks again!


I purchased a refurbished Lifecycle 9500 from Tony at Fitness 909 in June. I would like to express what a wonderful experience I had. I've been looking into getting this bike for quite some time. I've always been this kind of shopper... LOTS of research. I began working out
in 1990 and developed my personal workout routine which always included lots of cardio on this particular bike. I've tried other bikes and other cardio machines but none get it done for me like the Lifecycle (chain-drive). So this was an important purchase for me.

After doing lots of on-line digging and making lots of calls I found my way to Fitness 909. I explained to Tony what I was looking for and he told me that he could beat the best price I found, and sure enough he did. Not only did he beat the price but he called me back many times to make sure we were talking about the exact bike that I wanted, down to the color. Now this might seem like fairly obvious stuff, but when you are dealing with older equipment that is to be refurbished there is a bit more to consider. Every step of the way I felt that Tony had one priority.. to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for and was happy with the process.

The bike came (from California to Pennsylvania) exactly when he said it would. It looks and operates like a new bike. As good if not better than described. The great and friendly service did not end with the sale. Most people don't use the pedal straps that originally came with the Lifecycle. I prefer them. My bike arrived without them. I contacted Tony, he apologized for the oversight and had them shipped right out to me.

I don't always get this kind of customer service. In fact, it seems I receive it less and less these days. So I want to shout from the mountain top when I do. Bottom line... great product and great service!! Thanks Tony!

Blue Bell, PA

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