Used Hoist Prime 8 Home Multi Gym

 Used Hoist Prime 8 Home Multi Gym

Used in Excellent Condition

Just in !!! A  Hoist Fitness Prime 8 Home Multi Gym.  If you have been wanting a Multi Gym for your Home but you are short on space or cash, take a look at this gym system.

The Prime 8 gym fits in all the major exercise stations while keeping the space and price to a minimum.  You can see great results in no time by using it just 20 minutes a day 3 to 4 times a weeks.

Burn 200 more calories per day .....   Muscle burns fat so by adding as little of 4 Lbs. of muscle you will burn up 200 extra calories a day even while you are sitting watching Tv.

Check Out all the exercises that you can do with the Hoist Prime 8 Gym:

Rear Delt ~ Lower Back Extention ~ Upright Row ~ Bicep Curl ~ Tricep Curl ~ Sanding Leg Curl ~ Leg Extention ~ Lat Pulldown ~ Mid Row ~ Ab Crunch ~ Bench Press ~ Decline Press ~ Incline Press ~ Incline Pec Fly ~ Decline Pec Fly

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