Life Fitness Classic CT9500 HRR Elliptical

Classic Life Fitness CT9500 HRR - $1,599
The Life Fitness Refurbished CT 9500HRR Rear Drive elliptical is a top choice for all types of gyms - Also know as a Crosstrainer
Life Fitness has become the biggest name in fitness, so it makes sense that the Life Fitness CT 9500HR Rear Drive Crosstrainer is one of the top choices in ellipticals. This machine is meant to stand up to the hardest conditions. Gyms , Armed Forces, Police / Fire depts., Wellness Centers, and Personal Training Studios all ask for the CT9500HR Rear Drive because of it reliablity and upper body action.
If you use a elliptical at the gym and want to get the same quality and features for your home refurbished is a great way to go. Not only are you saving 40% on the price you will have a piece of equipment that you will use and last you a long time.

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