Life Fitness 9500 CT HR Next Generation

Life Fitness CT 9500HR Next Generation Elliptical CrossTrainer - $1,799
The Life Fitness CT 9500HR Next Generation Elliptical has become the favorite rear drive elliptical / crosstrainer.
The Life Fitness CT 9500 rear drive next generation crosstrainer has earnen the reputation for being one of the most reliable elliptical trainers on the market. They can go 15 hrs per day, 7 days a week with alot of down time.
Gym owner also like the idea that they are self - powered and can be put anywhere in their gym and require no expensive outlets.
Members love the smooth feel that has a true elliptical movement. The Lifepulse heart rate feature is about as accurate a medical EHG.
The CT9500Next Gen elliptical gives you the best full body work-out, it work both upper and lower body at the same time, and also by alternating both forward and backward on the elliptical.

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