4 x 6 Rubber Gym rubber Gym Floor Mats

Premium Gym Floor Mat -

Do not get confused with the less expensive Base Mats that have a rubber smell to them.

We Sell Quality Rubber Mats

The 1/2" Gym Rubber Mat is our best selling mat because of the price and 30 Year Warranty. This gym mat is used in all types of applications. Such as:

Gym Floors
Ice Rinks
Horse Stalls and Trailers
Baseball Dugouts
Locker Rooms

Under heavier used areas such as Free-Weight floors it is suggested to go with the 3/4" Mat.

Another reason that the 4 x 6 mat is so popular is how easy it is to install. Just lay them down on a flat surface and tap them together with a hammer and a piece of wood and that's it. Each mat weights over 70 Lbs so they do not move very easily.

To figure out how many mats you will need divide the square footage of you gym floor by 24 ( The SF of each mat ) . Remember to order at least 2 or 3 extra mats just in case.
1/2" Premium Mats - $56.00 ea. + Freight
3/4 Premium Mats - $59.00 ea. + Freight

For a total price on the mats including freight.
Call or email us and
we will get right back to you.
Be sure to include:
Exact Ship to address
Going to a Home or Business
1/2 " or 3/4 " Thickness
Quantity or Size of Room
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