It's to Hot to WorkOut Today

Summer heat is here and it slows all of us down. It would be really easy to say, " I don't think that I am going to the gym today." I said that yesterday, I was just wiped out from the heat. The temperature here in Corona has been up in the 110 degree mark and very humid. It would be very easy to just take the summer off but I have been doing so well making it to the gym on a pretty steady basis I don't want to get out of my routine. So this is what I decided to do :

1. I am going to still try and get there as much as possible but not feel guilty if I take a day off when I don't feel like going. After all, its summer and Corona is not far from the ocean and it is nice and cool there. If you have a vacation planned definitely go and enjoy yourself.

2. I am going to cut my work outs down to about half of what I normally do. If I know that it is going to be a light work out today I will probably get there .

3. I might only do cardio one day and strength the next.

The idea is to just get there. It is only for a few weeks while it is so hot and humid. Remember to drink a lot of water and to not over do it. Be sure to do your exercising indoors with A/C if possible. A little trick to get cool is to wet your towel in the water fountain, wring it out and place it around your neck. It helps cool you down.

Good Luck

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