BodyCraft K1 Home Multi Gym

Free Freight and Tricep Rope $29.00 Value

The Best Horizontal style in it's Class

If you are planning to do some serious weight training, You are going to love the traditional K1 bench press design. Its like have three benches Flat, Incline, and Decline. Mount the squat pad on to the press arm and you are ready for up to 400Lb. squats.

Patent Pending Adjustable Cable Arms

Adjustable Cable System

Your work out doesn't stop after using the bench press. The cable system simulates dumbbell exercises allowing you to do a second exercise of each muscle group. It's like having a complete set of dumbbells in your home gym.

Leg Station

The leg station adjust into three different positions. 1. Leg Extension 2. Prone Leg Curl 3. And into a 45° position for a decline press hold down.

There also is an optional Leg Press available

Hi / Low Pulleys

Work your Lats and Triceps on the Hi pulley and do your Biceps, Shrugs, Inner and Outer Thighs, Abs, shoulders, and more.

BodyCraft K1 Features:

  • Press Arm adjust to any starting point for any size user. Moves out of the way for dumbbell exercises.
  • Double Cables convert resistance to 400 Lbs for presses and Squats.
  • Padded Squat bar included
  • Adjustable bench for flat, incline , and decline presses
  • Shrouds and Exercise Charts Included
  • Patent pending Adjustable Cable Arms provide for a complete array of dumbbell exercises, sports specific exercises, and rehab exercises.
  • 3 Position Leg Station, 1. Leg Extension 2. Prone Leg Curl 3. 45° Decline Press hold down
  • Free Freight and Tricep Rope

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200 Lb. Weight Stack, Shrouds, and Exercise Chart Included

57.5" wide 99.6" Long 83.3" High ( 84.7" wide with Leg Press )

Life Time Warranty

Free Tricep Rope

Free Tricep Rope

Free Freight

Optional Leg Press

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