Spirit Z500 Home Fold Up Treadmill -- Close Out $1,599

The Spirit Z500 Home Treadmill is Spirits top of the line home treadmill and now It is loaded with extra features. It 3.0 HP motor and 20" x 58" 2 ply belt makes the Z500 ready for any type of work out.

If you like to work out in a heart rate zone and like to switch zones during your run, no longer do you have to stop your program and reset your heart rate. The Spirit Auto Pilot feature lets you switch programs without stopping. The display panel also lets you know at what HR% you are at with a series of Yellow, Green, and Red lites. the heart icon even blinks with every heartbeat.

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Here are a few more Spirit Z500 Features :

CD / Mp3 Interface
Built in Cooling Fans
Tri Color LED Display

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