BodyCraft TR1120 Home Treadmill

BodyCraft TR1120 Home Treadmill

The BodyCraft TR1120 Treadmill Review -- Best Buy Treadmill Under $1000

The Treadmill Sensei - 4.5 out of 5 Buddahs

Don't be fooled by the price. The BodyCraft TR1120 home treadmill still has the high quailty standards that you would find in any of BodyCraft's high end products. The 1.75 H.P motor packs a real punch. Most ( Less Honest ) other companies would give this motor a 2.5 h.p. rating because of it's size, low RPMs, and low amp. draw. It can hold a 275 Lb. runner with ease.

Where you are saving money is in the features. BodyCraft has taken out some of the bells and whistles to keep the price down and not sacrificing quaility.

You are still getting a great display board, 8 preset programs, and a nice size 18" x 52" belt. BodyCraft also left in the hand speed and incline controls, grip pulse rate sensors, and speed and elevation to make adjusting the treadmill as easy as possible.

If you are primarily a walker or a light runner, and do not need a lot of bells and whistles, the BodyCraft TR1120 home treadmill would work for you . It is in a very affordable price range and will last you a very long time with proper mantainence.

Display Board : 5 window LED

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Incline
  • Pulse


  • Grip Pulse Rate
  • Speed / Incline Quick keys
  • Hand Controls
  • Easy Assembly - 15 to 20 Min.
  • Free Freight


  • 1.75 h.p. Low RPMs
  • 1 Ply Belt
  • Programs - 8 Preset, 1 Body Fat
  • Incline - 0 to 10%
  • Speed - .05 to 10MPH
  • Deck - 8 Kenetic Energy Dampers
  • Belt Size - 18" x 52"

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