Precor 556i EFX Elliptical Trainer

Precor EFX 556i Elliptical Crosstrainer

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The Precor 556i EFX Elliptical Crosstrainer is a full commercial elliptical ready to go 15 hours per day 7 days a week in any type of gym. The 20° fixed ramp provides optimal gluteus and hamstring involvement versus a flat ellipse. Better than a stair climber, bike or treadmill.

Dual Action Arms provides both an upper and lower workout not on the EFX 546i

Change programs on the fly by using 6 preset program buttons.

SmartRate - Shows the user their actual heart rate in relation to the target HR zone for fat burning and cardio training.

Tap Control -- Large buttons on the display board provide tactile and audible click, letting the user know that the machine has received it command even when wearing a headset.
For Gym owners you have the Diagnostics Ability to set up time limits for your members.

· Size – Length 80” x Width 32” x Height 68”
· Weight – 326 Lbs
· Height of footplate – Highest 17” Lowest 8”
· Fixed Ramp Incline - 20°
· Stride Length – 21.5”
· Max User Weight – 350 Lbs

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