Ellipticals Vs. Treadmills

Which is best for you ??????

This is a great question asked by everybody that has a gym membership.


If you are a person that is looking for a easy no brainer cardio exercise, a treadmill could be the machine for you. There is no learning process just get on it and go. If you can walk you can use a treadmill. I try to get one of my work - outs in on a Sunday morning first thing. Normally I get there before the doors open along with a bunch of other members. Being in the health industry it is always interesting to me the order in which machines they would flock to once the doors opened. It never changes. Its the treadmill first with ellipticals a close second, then its the recumbent bikes, next steppers, and lastly upright bikes.

Personally I am a treadmill person. Maybe I feel like I am getting someplace by running I don't know. I just find it less boring and I enjoy it more. About every 3 cardio workouts I use the elliptical just for a change.

A treadmill is a weight bearing exercise which is important for older members to keep their bones dense . This is a benefit that you do not get with a elliptical.


Elliptical machines are the number one cardio piece of equipment for the more serious member. Think about this, when you are on a treadmill and you place your foot at the front of the belt it is getting a free ride from the front of the belt to the rear. On a elliptical you get get resistance in each direction so you are working out both ways not just one. The benefit is that you are burning up more calories and you are also working out your legs a the same time. This is why ellipticals are also called cross trainers. Although elliptical manufacturer's said it is a weight bearing exercise I don't really think so. Its not a big deal for younger people, they do enough walking and stair climbing every day to make up for it.

Precor takes it a step further and has a adjustable ramp that lets you decide which section of your leg you are working. The higher the incline the higher up your leg you are working. Ladies love to bring all the way up to the top to work their glutes. Go Ladies !!!!!

For people with knee or back problems a elliptical is their only choice. The very low impact elliptical movement is the only machine they can use without causing pain or more injury.

A lot of elliptical models come with arms that swing with you as you are using it . This has 2 benefits: First some people just like to hold on to something to keep them steady or just for comfort, but mostly it really helps to get your heart rate up quicker and holds it there for the more advanced cardio user.

Well can you decide which is best for you ? My guess is probably both for most people just to break it up.

Good Luck

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