My Used Fitness 4 Sale

What do you do with your old fitness equipment ?

  1. You can give it away to a School, Police or Fire Dept
  2. You can sell it to your members
  3. You can trade it in with the Purchase of your new equipment
  4. You can just leave it on your floor taking up valuable space.
  5. You can sell it to a used fitness equipment dealer for resale

Well all of these suggestion ( except # 4 ) are not bad Ideas. If you give your equipment away to charity it is a tax deduction. A used fitness dealer has a expense for freighting the equipment back to his warehouse and refurbishing it, so you would be very lucky to get 25 cents on the dollar for your equipment.

Fitness 909 has now created a page on our site called "My Used Fitness 4 Sale". Now you can list your equipment and sell it on consignment. This is a new concept so your suggestions are very welcome. As of now we have an asking price and we are going to added a make an offer function.

You can list for free any piece any equipment you have to sell, a single strength piece, a whole circuit, cardo equipment, or a whole gym. You have nothing to lose if it doesn't sell.

To list your equipment email Fitness 909 at

We are going to Need

  • A list of what you have to sell
  • Pictures more than one
  • A short bio on your equipment color, condition, age, location, Etc. Be sure to use keywords like Bodymaster, Cybex, Life Fitness Treadmill. elliptical trainer, etc.
  • A reasonable price or a "Make an Offer"

Click Here to See Our Current List of Used Fitness Equipment For Sale

Besides simply being found on the Internet Fitness 909 sends out a newsletter twice a month to over 20,000 Gyms, Personal Trainers, Police / Fire Dept, Wellness Centers and more. Your equipment will be listed on in the newsletter.

You have nothing to lose . It doesn't cost you a thing if it doesn't sell


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