BodyCraft TR1160

BodyCraft TR1160 Home Treadmill

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BodyCraft's TR1160 is their top of the line home treadmill. It is reviewed slightly under the light commercial TR1180 model. The biggest difference being 2.5 H.P. Vs. 3.0. Which is not a lot. It will still hold a 350 L.B. runner with no problem.

The TR1160 is build on a solid 14 guage steel frame with 8 kinetic energy dampers to lesson the shock from your knees and lower back. Also the TR1160 comes with a Comfort Orthopedic Belt for a even softer run. An Orthopedic Belt is often a $150 option on other brands.

The large 10" x 12" backlite display panel has 3 LED windows that show you:

  • Speed
  • Time
  • Distance
  • Calories Burned
  • % Incline
  • Pulse
  • Pace Elevation Gain

Like to listen to music or news during your workout? Simply plug in your Ipod or Mp3 player into the treadmill and listen through the built in speaker system.

Another very nice feature that is on TR1160, is the Speed / Elevation hand controls. If you like to use manual program it is especially nice because, you can change the speed or elevation without reaching forward, they are right there next to you.

Here is a full list of features on the TR1160:

  • Fan
  • Grip Pulse Rate Sensors
  • 11 Quick Speed keys
  • 12 Quick Incline Keys
  • Speed / Elevation Hand Controls
  • Fold Up with Soft Drop Lowering System
  • Speakers for Ipods and Mp3 Players
  • Easy Assembly
  • Free Freight

BodyCraft has gone the extra mile to be sure that the assembly of your machine is as simple as possible. The instructions are very easy to read and understandable. The parts are made to line up perfectly, so you should have your treadmill fully assembled in 20 min.


  • Motor - 2.5 h.p. with very low RPM rating
  • Programs - 15 preset, 3 User, 3 Heart Rate
  • Speed Range - 0.5 to 11 MPR
  • Fold Up - with soft drop lowering system
  • Belt size 20" x 58"
  • User Weight Capacity - 350 Lbs
  • Deck - 8 Kinetic Energy Dampers
  • Windows - 3 LEDs
  • Screen Size - 10" x 12" Backlite
  • Belt - 2 Ply / Orthopedic

Warranty: Home Use

  • Frame - Lifetime
  • Motor - 40 Years
  • Parts - 5 Years
  • Labor - 2 Years

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