Esprit EL-5 Home Elliptical

Spirit Esprit EL-5 Home Elliptical

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The Esprit EL- 5 delivers everything that you could ask for in an elliptical in this price range. It has the perfect blend of features and price without sacrificing quality.

To start off with it has (standard in all Spirit's ellipticals) the over sized foot pedals with a 2% inward tilt. The 2% tilt gives you a proper alignment from the petal to your ankle. You will feel the difference right away. The pedal also adjust front to back to keep your heel from lifting off the pedal.

For a more challenging work out and smoother feel, the EL-5 has a 30 Lb. flywheel. You glide along on 4 guide rods and wheels which gives you less left to right movement and a sturdier elliptical ride.

For the more advanced users the EL-5 has 20 levels of resistance to help you to more accurately hit your heart rate goal. Also there is 1000 watts of resistance to real killer work out.

The EL-5 has a larger display screen then the EL-1 or EL-3. It offers more function buttons to make set up of resistances changes easier and a 1/4 mile track for motivation.


  • 3 Position pedal adj.
  • Self leveling pedals
  • 4 guide rods and wheels
  • 30 Lb. Flywheel
  • Guide rod shroud to keep dust and dirt out of system. Also keeps children and pets fingers and paws safe.
  • 20" Stride for full range of motion
  • Large blue backlit display with 1/4 mile track
  • Programs - 6 preset, 2 User, * Heart Rate Control
  • * 20 levels of resistance, up to 1000 watt


  • Brake - Lifetime
  • Wear Parts - 3 Months
  • Parts - 3 Year
  • Labor - 1 Year

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20 Levels of Resistance is important if you are trying to maintain a certain Heart Rate goal in manual mode. The more level increments you have the easier it is to stay at your HR goal.

Heart Rate Control is a feature on a treadmill or elliptical that allows the user to set up a HR goal and have the machine adjust itself to keep you at your goal Once you have set up a HR goal say 135 the machine will automatically increase or decrease the work load, by means of speed, resistance, or elevation to keep you as close to your goal as possible. It is like having a personal trainer at your side.

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