Esprit EL-7 Home Elliptical By Spirit

Spirit Esprit EL-7 Home Elliptical

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The Esprit EL-7 comes loaded with extra features providing you with more comfort and information. If you cardio train for more then 30 minutes at a time, your feet will enjoy the cushioned foot pedals. Also if you like to switch heart rate goals during your work out HR Cruise let you change you goals without stopping and starting over. Plus you will always know your HR % by keeping an eye on the built in HR graph.

Ellipticals are sometimes called crosstrainers because you are actually doing cardio and strength training at the same time. Well the EL-7 takes it one step further with the 0 to 15% incline ramp. Now, you are not only working out your legs but you can isolate which leg muscle group you want to work. At the lower end you are working your calves and as you increase the incline you are working your higher leg muscles. Bring it all the way up to 15% for glutes. This is a feature normally found on more expensive commercial ellipticals.

The 30 Lb. flywheel and 1000 watts of resistance will make your work out a little more challenging. You are also going to like the large tri-color display panel with silicone rubber buttons.

Standard on all Spirit elliptical are the self leveling and oversized foot pedals with a 2% inward tilt. The 2% tilt gives you a proper alignment from the pedal to your ankle. You will feel the difference right away.


The Spirit Esprit EL-7 elliptical is an excellent value.

It is loaded with great features and yet very affordable


  • Incline Ramp - 0 to 15%
  • Guide rails - 4
  • Wheels - 4
  • Stride Length - 20
  • Console - Large Tri Color / Silicone Buttons
  • Flywheel - 30 Lbs.
  • Programs - 6 preset, 2 user, + *HRC
  • HR Cruise - Yes
  • HR Graph - Yes
  • Foot Pedals - Cushioned
  • Resistance Levels - *20 / Up to 1000 Watts


  • Brake - Lifetime
  • Wear Parts - 6 months
  • Parts - 5 Years
  • Labor - 1 Year

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20 Levels of Resistance is important if you are trying to maintain a certain Heart Rate goal in manual mode. The more level increments you have the easier it is to stay at your HR goal.

Heart Rate Control is a feature on a treadmill or elliptical that allows the user to set up a HR goal and have the machine adjust itself to keep you at your goal Once you have set up a HR goal say 135 the machine will automatically increase or decrease the work load, by means of speed, resistance, or elevation to keep you as close to your goal as possible. It is like having a personal trainer at your side.


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